Encyclopedia of Imperialism and Expansionism in American History

On and off for the past two –or has it been three–years, Chris Magoc and I have been editing  a four-volume encyclopedia for ABC-Clio that explores American expansionism and imperialism from the Seven Years’ War to the “War on Terror.”   A couple of weeks ago I received my first copies of the set, which are shamelessly plugged here or here. With a mere $415, or access to the database of a largish library, you too can explore…

“This groundbreaking four-volume encyclopedia [which] offers sweeping coverage of a subject central to American history and of urgent importance today as the nation wrestles with a global imperial posture and the long-term viability of the largest military establishment in human history. The work features more than 650 entries encompassing the full scope of American expansionism and imperialism from the colonial era through the 21st-century “War on Terror.”

In other words, it might help you understand how we have gotten to the point where we find it acceptable to regularly drop bombs on people half-way around the world with little remote-controlled planes.